Here’s where the thought process starts…

Mid winter on the East coast of Australia somewhere!

6:30 PM 
Tom, a hard working tradesman started on the road at 6AM, and, due to his workload, 
has not eaten all day. Navigates his vehicle towards McDonalds Drive through. 

Though his menu selection has yet to be made, his body is preparing  for the banquette ahead. His mouth is preparing for sustenance by salivation and his attention is
being focused towards edible treats that lie in the not too distant future.  
Mary and Luke, quarrelsome and competitive 6 year old twins, escape
from their mothers parked car in the centre of McDonald’s congested Car park, and
head straight for the front door in order to be the first inline for the New  Toy of the moment. Leaving mother to follow in hot pursuit, abandoning, their Aunty Em to stay in the car.

Time elapsed…
With Tom taking his order through the window of the Drive through and
nesting his spoils in the passenger’s seat, slides his vehicle into Drive and
promptly heads across the car park in order to make a quick getaway. At the same time,
appeasing his bodies request for sustenance, dips his hand into the bag of fulfilment to find the chips.

Simultaneously, Mary, displaying high emotions of joy and happiness by
emulating her toy of preference in flight as high as her arm can reach and
amazed by the flashing red eyes. Dashes, towards the car where Aunty Em is
sitting awaiting the next round of mayhem from the twins. 

This is where the story begins…
What are the vertical illuminances within the carriageway?

Tom, as good and responsible driver as he is, is being diverted by natural instinct.
Mary and Luke are being driven by other distractions, yet all are on the same field of play.

Assisting in the visual senses of all parties is the Key to this success.

In order to assist Tom, the good lighting design engineer has provided
more than adequate Vertical Illuminance, minimised any Glare, and created
High Uniformity over the entire site. "Etcetera" "Etcetera" "Etcetera"

Therefore, Tom is assisted to see Mary, as she is slipping out at a great rate of knots between
the parked vehicles directly out side the building of contentment.
Needless to say, with Luke following directly behind Mary heading towards Aunty Em. 

How deep does your Lighting Designer think?
Toy of preference!