I would like to share a small story with those that may be starting out in the Lighting Industry. 

I ran the lighting department of the Melbourne Concert Hall (Hamer Hall; enunciated Hay-mer Hall) for some 5 years.
For anyone that has had the pleasure of having their own venue of such calibre, you will know where I come from with the following. 

The process of lighting the very wide performance spectrum on a concert hall platform uses all the tricks in the book and then some…

When one is handed the reins, the artistic creation is running at full speed, BUT,
it’s a trap for young players!
What happens, (regardless of your experiences) by the end of the performance you have created Pizza with all the toppings.

On average it will take a good lighting designer to grasp the full potential of lighting rig with accurate luminaire – type/position/angle/colour/blending and general creative mastery, 3 Months of 10/12hrs a day 6 days a week. 

Now why am I saying this?

Well, I always knew with the invention of a colour changing commercial fixture was going to
set some change on a city’s night profile, as one would.

It’s just a larger performance platform and yes a large PIZZA.
I could anticipate an uncensored governance of the use of coloured lighting upon city structures will take some 15+ years to settle.

Look at the city where you live!
Or the local shopping precinct.

James Graham


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